Wilderness Adventures

The Yukon is home to to a magical landscape, filled with sights seldom seen. Our concession offers many ways to explore and discover this wonderful place; Organize a trip with us, and let us guide you through these remote lands and show you the places that make the yukon so special.

Mountain Backpack Trips

Guided and Unguided — 7, 10, 12 & 21 Day Trips

Adventure class day trips guided or unguided. We will organize and supply you with, food stove, pots, pans, tent, sleeping bags, and backpacks. You will need your boots, camera, rain gear, & and personnel gear to enjoy the Yukon.

Our  trips guides will carry topographic maps with routes and trails by GPS, Safety Spot handhelds, and satellite phones all for your safety. Backpackers are sure to experience the yukon's vast landscape traveling through mountain passes and hiking mountain ridges. You may camp at 3,000 feet beside a lake or at 5,000 feet on a mountain ridge. This trip is designed for someone looking to get close to the Yukon's soul that has stolen so many harts; for sure an adventure of a lifetime in a safe setting.

  • Season
  • June through September

Day Hikes

Guided and Unguided — 3, 5, 7 Day Trips

From one of our many camps, hikers can enjoy the comfort and safety of our remote lake-side cabins. Fishing and photographing activities are available and you can also venture off for over night trips and day hikes to surrounding mountains, to see the yukon at its very best.

  • Season
  • Low-risk: June to Mid July

Remote Lake Side Cabin Rentals

3, 5, 7 Day Packages

Experience the yukon in a peaceful setting; you may wish to spend some time in one of our remote camps, or be flown in from whitehorse by float plane to the warm camp, where the lakes are full of trout, grayling, and northern pike! All camps are heated with generators, boats motors and canoes. Here, you may want to take a trail ride or just spend some time relaxing in Canada's true north.

  • Season
  • Low Risk: June to Early October

Canoeing Rafting & River Trips

Adventure Class, Low Risk & Moderate

Offering 5, 7, 10, 14 Day Excursions

Travel with an experienced guide down one of our many rivers; with over a hundred miles and several rivers to choose from (such as the Laird River, Pelly River, and Ross River), these trips are always unforgettable and best taken from July to September. Spend your nights under yukon skies, sitting by a bonfire with friends and companions, for a trip you're bound to remember as one of your favorites.

Lake Canoeing

3, 5, 7, 10 Day Trips

Explore one of our lakes in a peaceful setting, with a lake side camp (either a tent or cabin — depending on your needs).

  • Season
  • June through Sept (Low Risk, Guided and Unguided)

Horseback Safaris

7, 10, 21 Day Trips

Travel through the Yukon wilderness by horseback; these trips are guided by our experienced crew, so bring your camera and fishing rod and be prepared to see a few sights that are less traveled and seldom seen by others. Enjoy the long summer nights and days spent riding with us, seeing the yukon high country with our gentle, experienced mountain horses. Here you will have time to dream while we entertain you under the yukon sky. Perhaps you'll even wish to photograph the wildlife or vast landscape. This is the trip for the cowboy in you!

  • Season
  • June through september

ATV Tours

Weekend and Day Trips

Join us for a fun side-by-side trip through old exploration roads from days gone by, riding along creeks and trails, to the tops of mountains and into our backcountry basins. The views are breathtaking and you won't want to forget your camera!

  • Season
  • Mid May thru Mid July (Low Risk)

Photo safaris

3, 5, 7 Day Trips

One of the yukon's best kept secrets, this wildlife photo-trip offered by horseback and on foot will take you through our concession with mountain views of snow cap tops. You'll get to see big bulls, moose, mountain caribou, and grizzly, up close and personal. We will customize your trip to the experience you're looking for!

Winter Trips

5, 7, 10 Packages

Come and see our Northern lights or Aurora Borealis (Polar Aurorae), found in the Northern Hemisphere. Take a guided snowmobile-tour into one of our camps, see the yukon's pristine, untouched wilderness while experiencing the northern lights in snowy covered valleys. Try snowshoeing and cross country skiing in our winter wonderland, here you may visit trappers living on the land, perhaps share a tea with them and see what draws people to the north.

You may have a chance to try your hand at ice fishing, spend some time with us around huge boom fires in the darkness of the yukon while the northern lights dance across the yukon's skies.

  • Season
  • January through April

Dreaming of mountain ranges to explore? If you love the great outdoors, we can give you that once-in-a-lifetime experience with one of our many trips into the heart of the yukon!

Please contact us, we'll be happy to answer all of your questions!